Consolegaming quad ladder rules !! READ VERY CAREFULLY !!

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Consolegaming quad ladder rules !! READ VERY CAREFULLY !!

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1. All players participating in a match must be on the roster for at least 24 hours and can't be updated within the past 12 hours prior to the match start time indicated in the accepted challenge.
2. The green light between every player on a roster will show whether or not a player is eligible.
3. Users are permitted to be listed on only one team on each ladder at any given time. Players or teams breaking this rule will be dealt with accordingly.
4. Guests are not permitted to participate in clan matches. Any clans found using guests in a match forfeit any right to submit a ticket for any roster problems.
5. All roster spots must be comprised of only one valid Playstation 3 gamertag. Spelling and spaces must be exact, but is not case sensitive.
6. It is each teams responsibility to make sure there are no roster issues with either clan. By accepting the challenge and entering the room, you will be liable for any roster issues with your team, so please check before sending or accepting a challenge.
7. Team or Player names will not contain foul language, disparaging remarks, hateful or racist names.
8. Blast messages will be subject to forum rules.


1. For a match to be official, the challenge must be accepted in the match scheduler.
2. When you challenge a team, make sure you fill out all the necessary fields.
3. Should a team need to cancel a match already accepted in the match scheduler, they must do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the accepted match by submitting a ticket.
4. The accepted challenge can also be removed at any time if both teams agree, and both teams must submit a ticket requesting the challenge be removed.
5. Any challenge accepted after the scheduled match time will not be awarded a no-show win. The challenge can be removed after you have submitted a ticket.

Create Game Rules


Team Deathmatch
Frag Limit: 100 Frags
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Best of: 3 Rounds
Friendly Fire: on
Killcam: Optional

Point Limit: 150 Points
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Best of: 3 Rounds
Friendly Fire: on
Killcam: Optional


1. When setting up a match the Challenger will set up all 3 (or 5) maps (unless opposing team has a higher connection for more players) and they will be played through to the end
2. All matches must be played in their entirety unless both teams agree to postpone the match or remove the challenge. If agreed, both teams must submit a ticket requesting the postponement or challenge removal. A referee can be contacted to witness the agreement details.
3. A Quads match will consist of at least 3, but no more than 4 players on each team. Unless a specific team setup (3v3, 4v4 …etc) was specified in the challenge details, it is up to the teams to decide the team setup before the match. If both teams cannot agree upon a team setup, 4v4 will be used as the default.
4. All matches are to be Player Matches, This is because Ranked Matches do not allow invites to allow people to join.
5. If the match is to be postponed/removed, include in the ticket the date and time of when the match will resume.
6. The higher ranked team chooses the side they want to play on the first map (and third map when playing best of 5) and the lower-ranked team chooses sides on the the second map (and fourth map when playing best of 5). If both clans are unranked, the clan ID number will be used. The clan with the lowest clan ID number chooses the side to play on during the first map and the higher numbered clan ID chooses sides on the the second map, this rule repeats itself in case of a 5-round match.
7. You can only win a round by accumulating the specified amount of points (Domination,HeadQuarters), by having more Rounds than the opposition (Search and Destroy) or by having the most number of kills (Team Deathmatch). If the time runs out then the team with the highest score wins that said round.
8. The winner is determined by the best of X number of maps per the challenge notes. If the notes say best of 5 maps then winning 3 maps will ensure the win. When playing best of 3, winning 2 maps will ensure the win.
9. If a round is drawn, then it counts towards the round count. For example, in a best of 5 round situation, if there are 4 draws and 1 win, the team with the 1 win will take that map. Sudden death happens if the round count reaches the agreed limit and no team has the advantage.
10. If a round was a tie, that round will need to be re-played upto conclude that map BEFORE moving on, to determin its winner.
11. Each team may host their own map if they aren't happy with the existing host.
12. If a player drops after kills have been made, the round will continue and the team that lost the player will play short handed for that round.
13. If a player drops prior to kills being made, the team with the dropped player will kill itself / each other to finish the round to allow the dropped player(s) to return to the match.
14. If the host drops or disconnects, that round will be replayed. If the host doesn't come back online or drops a second time, another player from his team will re host the game and another lag test will be needed.
15. In the event of a room drop, the match will resume from where it left off at the start of the previous round, with the same score and sides. The Round is to be replayed afresh.
16. Please make sure you have proof of every round and map you played. This to make sure we can take action, i.e. if (when) a team doesn’t report the loss. This action can only help to avoid problems that may arise, and although isnt compulsary, is deemed as important to try and do if possible.


1. Failure to show for a scheduled and accepted match will result in a forfeit. Forfeits will only be awarded if you have an accepted challenge.
2. A team has 20 minutes to show-up and be ready to start the match.
3. To receive a no-show win, you must contact a referee and have them verify the no-show. Please send in a ticket to get the no-show awarded.
4. Any challenge accepted after the scheduled match time will not be awarded a no-show win. The challenge can be removed after you have submitted a ticket.
5. A match is considered a no-show if a team does not turn up.


1. The losing team is responsible for reporting the loss within 3 hours of the completed battle. Failure to report a loss within the time period or submitting a ticket explaining why it wasn’t reported will result in a warning increase on the clan and the relevant loss of XP to the offending team. Any clan reaching the warning level of three (3) is subject to deletion and banning.
2. Any clan who doesn't respond to an admin's e-mail regarding the non-reported battle or reporting the loss before the specified time limit in the email, will be deleted and the leader of the clan will be subject to a 1 month ban from the arena.
3. Please don't submit a ticket about the other team not reporting their loss unless the 3-hour time limit has expired, or you had problems in the match justifying a ticket.


1. Do not IM the staff inquiring about the status of a ticket or risk your team losing XP. We receive many tickets from our users, and they are handled in the order they are received. Admin's decisions are final.
2. When submitting a ticket, fill out all applicable fields. Submitting an incomplete or incorrect ticket will simply be closed without being processed.
3. Tickets that are submitted that prove to have false information are subject to clan deletion and removal from the ladder. Lengths of bans will be determined on a case by case basis.
4. When submitting a ticket to have challenges removed, list all challenge ID Numbers that need to be removed in one ticket. Please don’t send a ticket for each challenge when requesting multiple challenges to be removed, put all the information in one ticket.


1. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for cheating here at Consolegaming. Greedy teams who come here to cheat the ladder system in ANY way will be removed from the ladder and banned from the website.
2. "Glitching" and abusing the In-Game mechanics in ANY way is not tolerated. Our goal is to give the online gaming community a place to compete with others and we will not allow cheaters to get in the way of that goal.
3. If you witness your opponents taking advantage of the game mechanics in ANY way please gather as much evidence as possible (i.e. recording equipment and/or referee) and then submit that in a ticket and we will then assess it. If you are unable to submit any proof please still submit a ticket so that it can be kept on record and we will be able to look this up for any future/past complaints against this clan.
4. If your team receives a win that wasn’t earned or played, submit a ticket to have it removed. Failure to do so may result in your team being deleted and/or banned.
5. If you give out free wins to other teams you are subject to have your account deleted and/or banned.
6. If a team is found to be glitching or cheating in a match they will lose the match, have their account deleted and be possibly banned from the website. Bans will be decided on a case-to-case basis.
7. If you think a team is abusing the rules, you must provide valid proof or contact a referee to come and witness their abuse. Administrators will then look into the case and determine the punishment on a case-to-case basis. Accusations with no proof will not be tolerated and may result in handing out warnings.

You are not allowed to add another member to your roster or allow him/her to join any other roster in the same ladder if they have the same IP address.


1. If you have any problems during a match, you may contact a referee by MSN to answer any questions you may have. Please contact a referee first as this is their job. Only contact an admin if you're unable to get a response from any of the referees.
2. If you anticipate referees will be needed for a clan match, you must request them 48 hours in advance of a scheduled and accepted match in the match scheduler. Only request a referee if you have had issues with a team in the past, and only if you truly believe there will be a problem in the match that would require the referee's assistance. If this is the case, submit a ticket under the "Referee Problem" heading. In the ticket, please include a short description of why you think the referee will be needed, and the accepted challenge ID #. After we receive your ticket, we will respond to it with the contact information of the referees assigned to your match. Referees in a match will have sole authority over how disputes are handled. The referee will be making the room to ensure no outside users are able to join the spectators.
3. If referees are called into a battle for any reason, all players will keep the referees un-muted at all times. The referees may mute players at their discretion. Referees may call out a players name at any time and the player must respond within a reasonable time in order to verify they do not have the referee muted.


1. Warnings are given out per incident, for the reasons listed above. Warning consequences are as follows:
1. First Warning - Deduction of 50xp.
2. Second Warning - Deduction of 100xp.
3. Third Warning – Suspension/deletion of account and deduction of 150xp
2. Failure to report a loss, and not responding to a 24 hour no report email, or sending a valid ticket explaining why you didn’t report: 1 month ban and loss of account.
3. Lying to an admin about the outcome of a match: month ban and loss of account.
4. Abuse of glitching and/or cheating will be determined on a case-to-case basis and can range from a verbal warning to a lifetime ban.
5. Staff abuse will NOT be tolerated, any form of staff abuse; on any messaging service, IRC, IM, MSN, the forums, or in tickets will not be tolerated. Anyone caught abusing staff is subject to a ban of any length, depending on the situation which will be handled on a case-to-case basis.


1. All tournament matches count for the bracket and the ladder unless stated in the tournament rules.


1. All matches for the leagues will count for the ladder.
2. Matches are expected to be played and reported by the given date.
3. Teams will receive no support from the staff if they choose to change their maps or change any other rules not supported by ConsoleGaming by mutual agreement.


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