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Bericht van ???????? op di 19 aug 2008, 16:12

Clanname: DT (Dream Team)

Contactperson email: martin@northowram.orangehome.co.uk

Date for the war: TBA

Starting hour: TBA

Number of players: 8-10

Game type: HC Team DeathMatch

Please contact Kamanchi07 on ps3 or reply to above email as we would like a clan war but would like to arrange convenient time GMT. affraid

Apologies for not filling out the headings but I don't know what they say!


Martin (DT Kamanchi)


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Re: ??????????????????

Bericht van Gast op di 19 aug 2008, 17:56

the leaders will answer your call but we play sabotage

edited by belgerbil: not only sabotage but we mainly play sabotage Smile


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